1. Anthony Wilding Scholarship for Prowess in Sport: Please see recipient page for 2011 winner. (Applications closed until 31 March, 2012).
  2. The Cora Wilding Award: for development and academic research in health and medicine.
  3. The Wilding Foundation Environmental Award promoting excellence in environmental initiatives and ideas.
  4. The Wilding Foundation Art Award for a person or group of exceptional talent in any artistic endeavour.
  5. The Wilding Foundation Humanities Award - for work that researches or elevates the human condition be it through community service, services to humanity, ancient and modern languages, literature, history, philosophy, arts, social sciences, including technology, anthropology, communication studies, cultural studies, law, and linguistics.
    Please see recipient page for 2011 winner.
    ( New applications closed until 31 March, 2012)

Selection criteria and guidelines

Applicants must be a NZ citizen or naturalised NZ citizen, from any region in New Zealand. Proven exceptional skills, or shown proven potential for exceptional skills at the highest level domestically and potentially internationally, of any of the 5 disciplines mentioned.

Number of awards offered

Each scholarship is awarded once annually. However, this may be variable depending on applications and funds available.


Currently $500 - $1200 but subject to increases and changes contingent on funding.

Tenure of award

One grant per applicant in each calendar year.

Closing dates for applications

Variable. Depends on funds available.

How do applicants apply?

Please email us, and include all contact details, the scholarship you wish for, reason for application, proof of your ability through 3rd parties :-these may be such things as references, educational institute acceptance letters, gallery showings, competitions,tournaments or any other such applicable method in accordance with the industry standards for each scholarship discipline, and any other due diligence documents that confirm your suitability and eligibility

How and when do applicants learn of the decision?

Email, formal letter, and subsequent check.