Scholarship Recipients

November 2011
Wilding Foundation Environmental Grant to -

"Ngaa Aakau Wawaiaa o Te Moana a Toi Te Huatahi" Performing Arts and Development Trust for the fundraising event "Tauranga Moana Oil Spill" to benefit the surrounding effected community of the RENA Oil Spill.

Wilding Foundation Humanities Award to Grant Cameron Law and Quake Families

September 2011, Wilding Foundation Humanities awarded to Grant Cameron Law , in recognition of their pro bono work and activities for the quake families, in regards to the Christchurch Earthquake Royal Commission, and the grant is for the direct benefit and to be applied directly to Quakes Families.
Amount: $1200.00

Wilding Foundation Humanities Award winner announced

Anthony Wilding Scholarship for Prowess in Sport 2011

Charlotte Sullivan, Gymnast, Christchurch, New Zealand




Sporting Travel Grant

Mairehau High School Boys Basketball