About Us

The Wilding Foundation was set up to provide educational and/or advancement opportunity through scholarship.

Founded in 2009, the Wilding Foundation is a registered NZ charity CC39420.

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Note from the Founder Anna Wilding

Anna Wilding was born in New Zealand and resides in America. She has lived and worked throughout the world including London and Australia.

Anna is an award winning director, producer, writer and actress. Ms Wilding has spoken at panels, events including World Earth Week 2007 in New York, and Cannes Film Festival 2008.

I thank you so much for sharing and joining with us in growing this charity. We intend this charity to give and provide hope.

This charity awards scholarship to those individuals of exceptional talent  to help them realize their full potential. I have long held the dream of setting up a charity in memory of my great uncle legendary Wimbledon Tennis Champion  and adventurer Anthony Wilding.

I saw in my mind, walking along a tennis court and seeing that one girl or guy who shows exceptional ability but does not quite have the financial wherewithall to go the next step. The same applies to sciences, arts, medicines, and other disciplines. For that reason it is also fitting that I honour  Anthony's sister, Cora Wilding - a renowned painter who was awarded an OBE. Cora also set up the Youth Hostel Association ( YHA ) in NZ, to allow travelers of all walks of life an affordable and accessible place to stay on their journeys. The youth hostels are one of the most successful operations in NZ, and run by public trust. There was no estate set up for Anthony Wilding and no family member is involved in the YHA.

The dream of this charity however, is personal to me for many reasons, regardless of my relationship and intent to honour these two, or any such individuals, or indeed any other family member

Many years ago, I was that kid on the tennis court, taking that swing, making those shots and I was unable to take it any further. I was invited to train in Florida with the king of tennis training Bolitteri, but our family, literally, could not afford it. Meanwhile, I watched girls I could beat, and did so, in tournaments, be afforded themselves the opportunity to go to Florida. It touched me.

Our earth, our world is a beautiful place. It is filled with wonder. I am touched every time I watch the better sides of humanity in action.

New Zealand, like many countries and islands is remote, physically and to some extent economically.  It is expensive for us to travel fro. I have had a wonderful life, filled with many blessings, trials and hardships like anyone else.I know first hand what it's like to be talented and have to face struggles as one isn't surrounded by the expertise required and/or financial wherewithal to fully reach or experience ones true potential.  I hope through this charity eases the path for others and some of the journey I have been on. There was a saying coined by an American - no child left behind. This charity is slanted for youth, but it is for everyone, regardless of background.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that you will help us, by donating, spreading the word and joining us on our mission to embrace  and educate true talent and thereby as they grow into their futures, and as we grow into ours, to continue to make this world a better place.

At present this charity can only accept grants applications from New Zealand residents but we hope to soon, as it grows make it available to all, worldwide. We can accept donations however, from throughout the world. I hope this is the first of several philanthropic ventures for myself as its a big world and there is lot still to do.

With blessings and love,

Anna Wilding
April/May 2009