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Since Feb 22nd, 2011, we have been collecting donations and administering emergency grants for those directly effected by the Christchurch earthquakes. This will be ongoing. As of August, 2011, all funds donated will be spread between our national Scholarships and our Emergency grants. If you are fundraising or donating and wish the funds to only go to either the scholarships or emergency grants, please let us know on the PAYPAL comment form or when you contact us to make a bank deposit.


We are a registered charity. Our overall purpose is to provide opportunity to those of exceptional talents whose dreams, hopes and talents could otherwise not be realised due to economics, geographic location or other such factors. Our aim is to raise the well being of, and empower the individual and create equal opportunity.


We wish to give people faith, hope and opportunity to individuals of all backgrounds to succeed regardless of circumstance. We aim to help provide the educational, research, practical experience and/or tools necessary to enable those selected to succeed.


At present the Wilding Foundation is an incorporated New Zealand based charity, governed by New Zealand Charitable Trust Laws. All New Zealand residents, regardless of nationality, may apply for scholarships in accordance with our guidelines. The Wilding Foundation also has a built-in emergency relief charter.


We hope to build the charity to the point where we can replicate the charity in other countries and invite applications from people worldwide, regardless of residency status.


We welcome contributions from donors worldwide, including New Zealand. We hope that you will join us on our journey and help us grow, so we may empower those that follow in our footsteps, for the benefit of the good in the world.